Nature is one of the best healing and teaching environment. When we spend time to reconnect with Nature, we heal, re-energise and revitalise ourselves. Just sitting and listening quietly to the sounds, spend time in Nature and practise dadirri – an indigenous approach to healing. Gather around campfires, listen to each other’s stories and really spend time together. 

We hope that you will leave all your worries behind. Sit back, relax and give yourself permission to truly enjoy each other’s company and your time with Mother Nature.

Explore the neighbourhood and support local businesses. It's a great way to feel more like a local. Try asking your host about their favourite neighbourhood spots!

Make yourself at home and feel free to approach your friendly hosts if you need any help.

Here are some more suggestions : 

1. Jubilee vineyard at Ebeneeza

2.Hillybilly Cider @Bilpin

3. Bilpin Cider @ Bilpin

4. Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens 

5. The Hive @Berrambing 

6. Kurrajong is a little village. 

Other than no. 1 you can do all of the others on the way to Leura and the 3 sisters. Leura is a really beautiful town with some great cafes. It might be a long day though. 

You could also do the slack stairs walk at Wentworth Falls.

Fed is a good cafe in Wentworth falls

The Grand Canyon

If you go up through Penrith, you could stop at Lewers Gallery for coffee or glen brook has some great cafes. It’s a really nice little village. 

If you are near Windsor, I would suggest visiting the George Street Loft. 

For dinner, something special would be Lochiel house in kurrajong heights. If you’d like to eat something simple, I’d suggest the Buffalo Thai or Aldo’s pizza 

Penrith also has lots a good restaurants and dessert bars like Messina gelato, san churros. Penrith is that exciting though. 

There’s also the Greek restaurant - Alvi, which is not far from here. We went there when it first opened and it’s not too bad. 

If you want to do a bbq, our butcher at kurrajong is great. It’s kurrajong butcher. The meat is lovely and the their deli is pretty good too. 

For fresh fruit and veggies, go to Richmond fruit market and ask for Bek, in the deli. She’ll definitely look after you if you want to do cheese platters. She may not be there tomorrow but every other day she will be there. 

2 more things to do :  Jenolan caves and Mt Wilson (if you have the energy left to do the hikes!).  I need to check out mount Wilson myself but I’ve heard it’s nice too. 

Have fun exploring!