A waterless composting toilet is installed in this tiny house. It uses no chemicals, does not pollute the environment and is designed to compost, save water and preserve the local environment.

The compost toilet uses aerobic composting - a natural biological process that helps to break down faeces and urine into stable, odourless end products. The by-products of aerobic decomposition are heat, water and carbon dioxide. The heat produced in aerobic composting would kill off the harmful bacteria and pathogens.

How to use the compost toilet?

For your easy reference, we have a step by step guide on the wall in the toilet.

1. The chamber screen only opens when you sit down, so please sit down to do your business

2. Please throw all used toilet paper into the toilet

3. After urinating, just close the toilet seat cover

4. After every solid deposit,
- Wet a piece of toilet paper thoroughly with the enzyme solution from the spray bottle and cover your waste with it
- Next, scoop some bulking material to cover your solid wastes
- Lastly, cover the toilet seat cover

5. Do NOT dispose of the following in the toilet
- Cigarettes or other burning materials
- Food wastes
- Chemical products
- Sanitary products and nappies

6. Do NOT switch off the ventilation fan as aeration is necessary for the composting process

Exception: If you find the fan disturbing your sleep at night, you may switch it off. Please do remember to switch it back on during the day