Born out of a desire to discover nature and stay in comfort, Tiny Away is providing a fresh new take on the tiny house phenomenon, by providing users with the unique opportunity to reconnect with nature without completely disconnecting from life as they know it. Tiny Away has taken the movement one step further by partnering with unique rural property owners to enable guests to enjoy the most spectacular rural settings, carefully selected to ensure guests enjoy the most enriching experience possible.

It all started in 2017 when Tiny Away founder vacationed throughout Australia’s beloved Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road, and was inspired by the beautiful coastal scenery to create something that would encourage fellow city dwellers to get out into nature. Fast forward to 2020, and Tiny Away has hand crafted numerous eco-friendly tiny homes across New South Wales and Victoria. Each tiny home is designed in Singapore, built from sustainable materials in Malaysia, before being shipped to Australia for construction by an experienced team of certified Aussie builders, plumbers, and electricians. You may read more on the Tiny Away story and their builder partner, Build Tiny.

Tiny Away believes that you don’t have to compromise in size for comfort, ensuring each tiny home is well equipped with everything you need to make your stay as luxurious as possible. Perfect for those who love to experience the outdoors but feel more comfortable with the creature comforts, Tiny Away allows you to take your Glamping experience to the next level with hot showers, air conditioning, kitchenette, queen bed, and an eco toilet. Providing all the comfort of a tiny boutique luxury hotel, in the picturesque and secluded locations.

From the beginning, Tiny Away has worked closely with Australian farm and property owners to curate authentic and unique farm stay experiences and help farmers leverage off local tourism and generate a second income. Tiny Away invites farmers and property owners to become land hosts through their platform at no cost. Tiny Away land hosts are provided with a fully furnished tiny house with all the necessary fittings ready for guests to stay, and are able to earn from the revenue share program.

Don’t let the back to work blues get you down, book your next weekend getaway with Tiny Away, and take the time to recharge in nature in the comfort of your own luxurious tiny home.